Stunning 12x12, 60 page Coffee Table Album

Guys, when I say an album is worth it, please have faith in me! Firstly, I just love designing them, so you can say I pour my heart and soul into putting them together. There’s something about designing layouts and telling a story that I really appreciate and take pride in doing. Below are some actual photos of Amanda and John’s breathtaking 12x12, 60 page Coffee Table album. I also included the full 60 page layout design so you can take a closer look at the album as a whole.

Side note: A&J had an “after session”, (which I always recommend my wedding clients do). It basically means that you and your partner get to dress up again on a separate date, (it can be before or after the wedding). It takes the “edge” away from having to do them on the wedding day and gives us all a good amount of time to take those romantic and fun photographs.

Check them out and let me know what you think!